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Astrology -Aspect patterns- what multiple aspect patterns mean in your birth chart Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer. Inventor Genius Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer. This aspect can produce a heightened direction of energy in the chart which may also oscillate between bifurcated states or situated personalities. A planetary opposition to the quincunxed planet of the Yod can be malefic , or can produce situations of dramatic reversal. The midpoint of the sextile is a very sensitive point in the chart, as transiting planets, when conjunct with this midpoint, will then be in opposition to the quincunxed planet.

This situation is said to trigger major events, thus revealing the true power of the Yod. Multiple sextiles and trines involving Yod planets can be extremely beneficial and thus spread the energy of this aspect in one side of the chart or produce a focal point for intense energies on the other side of the chart. Hence, the yod is the most difficult natal chart aspect to interpret and requires a great aptitude in astrological interpretation to divine accurately.

The conflict arises between the worldly, sociable character of Leo and Libra, which tend to seek inspiration in the world, versus the introverted, unworldly character of Pisces, which is too sensitive to be able to cope with worldly life and aims to work in the background serving others. These energies do not interact and hence this hypothetical native would possess great difficulty making the choice between serving others and seeking inspiration on the social stage.

Jupiter is in a feminine sign, while the Sun and Mars are both in masculine signs.

Focused yod – Michelle Young Astrology

Jupiter is also in a mutable water sign, while the Sun is in a cardinal air sign and Mars in a fixed fire sign. Jupiter shares neither duality, element, nor mode with the two planets that aspect it in quincunx. This complete lack of commonality of Jupiter with the two sextile planets illustrates how the yod triggers an irritating situation that can be overcome only through adaptation and discovering new paths.

If there is no other aspect outlet for Jupiter as would be reflected in a trine or sextile angle to another planet , a transiting planet in opposition to Jupiter and conjunct the midpoint of the sextile planets can trigger major life events which are difficult to handle and take great creativity to overcome.

This is why the yod is often called the "Finger of God", [ by whom? Related to the yod, though much less inharmonious and more rarely noticed, is the golden yod. Because these aspects are seen as beneficial, the golden yod is seen as beneficial and often as reflecting characteristics acquired by the person whose chart contains it.

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The few astrologers who have studied it regard it as an extremely creatively charged aspect good for artistic skill, especially as quintiles and biquintiles are frequently linked with Neptune. He or she will have to meet inner standards rather than conform to social standards of behavior.

Because of this, the person will set in motion misunderstanding and aggressive responses, from the environment. The further you stray from the destined path, the harder the kick. Other variations of the Yod is the Boomerang Yod mentioned below, and the Golden Yod which is discussed in the horoscope of Adolf Hitler. There is still the same theme with a special mission in life and the struggle to overcome adversity, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on the use and abuse of power.

This Yod astrology is more complex.

In my chart you can see that Mercury and Venus make up the reaction point, opposite Saturn the apex planet. Interpreting the standard Yod pattern, my special mission involves taking responsibility for something, learning, teaching, parenting all Saturn things. They take on a larger, spiritual dimension because of Neptune sextile Pluto, the aspect of mass-consciousness.

Now the energy at the action point Saturn bounces up to the Mercury Venus reaction point. So the final expression of the all the tension is through words and love, the source of difficulties earlier in life, but the avenue for the positive manifestation of the Yod when things turn around.

The reaction point is like a pressure valve, and in some ways it makes it easier to release the pressure buildup found in a standard Yod astrology. However in some ways it is worse when the un-evolved Yod lets off the energy in an uncontrolled or harmful fashion.

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The young Yod was shy, fearful, insecure, and had difficulty with expressing love, words and feelings. As the Yod evolved through a series of sometimes painful leaps from the negative to the positive manifestation, wisdom and stability counteract the fear and inhibition. Now I express the thoughts to a wide audience on the Internet with confidence, and have a mature approach to loving and taking responsibility for my family. We may never feel in total control of our lives when we have a Yod in our charts.

Life is fated, we have to surrender to a higher power and sacrifice some personal desires and needs. Along the way we can at least move from the back seat up to the passenger seat and start enjoying the ride. A Yod, or Finger of God, is a configuration consisting of two planets in sextile with a third at their inverse midpoint, creating two quincunxes to the planets in sextile.

A sextile is a 60 degree angle showing productivity and a natural structural soundness. Think snowflakes, or hexagonal crystal structures in nature. In a Yod the planets in sextile form a strong productive base for growth in whatever signs and houses they occupy. This productive base grounds the quincunxes.

The planet focusing the double quincunx is a point of major adjustment and sacrifice of something, whether for practical purposes or idealistic correction, so something else can move forward. Thus the planet at the inverse midpoint is very important as a focus point for the productive sextile energies.

Given that the quincunx is an aspect of "hard adjustment," the fact that there are two quincunxes gives rise to the meaning of the Yod, which is "expansion through sacrifice. So it's a configuration of multiple sacrifices and adjustments squeezing out whatever isn't in the nature of the productivity and whatever cannot be contained in or focused through the nozzle planet. The quincunx is also associated with health issues on some level, as well as elimination preparing for regeneration.

Any point quincunx any other point symbolically forms either a 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th house relationship to whatever is being quincunxed. So the Yod, or "Finger of God," requires multiple sacrifices to expand in strength, focus, and awareness of what's important in the life and what has become obsolete. Because this type of "kite" configuration involves two quincunx aspects and a sextile, they often show as hard adjustments or the appearance of health situations physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual that require attention, yielding very productive growth.

It usually squeezes us into a narrow focus, necessitating letting go of extraneous considerations and voluntarily sacrificing all that would distract or deflect us from the spiritual lessons we are learning under this configuration. These adjustments and sacrifices lead to focused productivity and a measure of spiritual expansion directly related to what is eliminated from the life.

The sextile shows us what's being productively aligned, while the inverse midpoint shows how this productivity is being focused. There are many permutations on the theories introduced here which we will discuss in future articles on this very important subject. The preparation continues in this life and there is a "gestation" period. The Yod cannot be triggered before its time. I suspect, however, that all three if not four are transited when the Yod is triggered.

The opposition is at the core of the result. The Yod is a "hugging" structure - the energy comes from the apex - a laser beam through the apex - and "hugs" the whole structure, especially the release point. If a person is there, at the release point, it's the primary beneficiary, returning the energy through the mirror of the opposition and the harmonious dance of the sextile, to the "hugger", in a perpetual dance just like oppositions are, like a tango - the preparation is made through the sextile, the only part of the Yod which is in the hands of the protagonist s ; the trigger apex - the transit is not in our hands; in a synastry, however, the apex person plays the role of "God", the trigger the one with the bow, the one releasing the arrow.

A Yod involving nodes or angles is dormant, well all Yods are, until planets hit the Yod. The "primary" result will be connected to relationships DSC , the "secondary" result will be on ASC, as a mirroring effect of the opposition.