Scorpio daily horoscope january 7

Near the start of the day, love planet Venus finally leaves the murky and emotional waters of Scorpio for the warmth and trailblazing fire of Sagittarius. With Venus in bountiful Sagittarius, we'll find the most success and abundance with our relationships and finances by honoring our truth, being open to new adventures, and thinking big.

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Since Sagittarius is also a fun-loving sign, cultivating joyful and pleasurable experiences will also be a must while Venus is in this fiery, happy-go-lucky place. By the late morning, the momentum continues as the Aquarius Moon teams up with go-getter Mars in Aries.


Under this cosmic combination, we get the green light to go after what we want and move past obstacles with the help of others and an innovative approach. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign today, and be sure to check out your January horoscope. You're feeling more confident these days when it comes to making your hopes and wishes come true and today is one of those days. However, know that to get ahead is going to require the help of a team, so be open to working with others.

Big risks will pay off big rewards. You might be focused on your goals and career today, but slow and steady wins the race now. Now's the time for working behind the scenes and getting your ducks in a row. At the same time, when it comes to your deepest desires, know that they're worth your attention. You might be feeling rather inspired today, especially when it comes to something you've been planning. If things are coming together easier for you than expected, don't second guess it. Partnerships and collaborations bring you success, either in business or romance.

You're focused on your long-term security today and it's possible that you could score a win today if job hunting or working on ways to improve your financial future. If you have a partner, a conversation around cash could be productive. Meanwhile, nourish your body.

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Your partner or someone close to you could need your help or assistance today and you're more than happy to oblige. Just be wary of those that constantly need or take but give little in return. On the flip side, a collaboration could bring success.

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Romance gets juicier. You're up and at it today and ready to whip yourself and others into shape. If you've got a lot on your plate, it doesn't seem to matter as you've got the energy and resolve to tackle anything that comes your way. On another note, your living space could use some new energy. But it is words you share with someone you have known all your life that really make a difference.

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  • Now you see, and start up, a compromise. Passion stays home and uncovers such a rich mood of total togetherness and love. The most important planet influences in your chart lead to your communication zone, and you have an even more gifted use of words than usual. Family values, promises and principles are at the forefront of your mind and this is a perfect moment to set out a new love or cash system.

    You can feel true confidence growing stronger and you have positive energy to spare, so use it wisely. Make time for that exercise plan and make talking to a partner a priority. If you are single, someone wearing identical colours to you is a key catch but does have a reputation as a very successful flirt.

    You are ready to reveal true emotions, but also to draw a line under the past. The sense of strength this brings is a game-changer. Luck links to a set of numbers being read out aloud.

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    You give good advice but need tact to make it effective. The chance to shine is close and you are so ready whether it is an official talent show or a remix of responsibilities at work.

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    • Goal-setting is your task, as both Venus and Jupiter energise your ambition zone. Your love wish list gets longer but it is also more achievable.