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It has a divine message to all who seek the reading. Faith plays a vital part in this predictive science. One should believe that the leaf would never be wrong as it is pre determined by Lord Shiva that one takes a reading, gets spiritual instructions and acquire the soul force to shape oneself.

One suffers due to actions of unalterable past, which is to be overcome. Sivaguru Swamy. Skype — sivaguruswamy Naagai Dist, Tamilnadu— Our Bangalore Branch Office :. House No. Post a Comment. Procedure to go for Nadi Astrology The Nadi Astrologer is by and large occupied and one needs to bring a meeting with him ahead of time.

When one goes there on the designated day he checks his journal and takes the three impressions of the correct thumb for guys and the left thumb for females on a paper giving a serial request number and requests that you hold up till he calls you. At that point he goes inside his library room where the palm leaves are kept which is not available to others.

Following a hour or thereabouts, once in a while speedier, he returns with an old palm leaf package called record clears out. In the wake of making himself agreeable he precisely loosens up the long string which keeps the package in propriety. I heard that theyrewrite the leaves at certain intervals of time as per the coding andsystem mentioned in some introductory to such to the cycles of time I amnot sure. Or their recitation of some mantra would be enabling them totell the events through some spirit.

How did Sage Satyacharya write in Dhruvanadi a life pattern for eachnadi amsha and, without fixing the nadi amsha one should not proceedfurther and he did not tell how to tell exact names.

Are these so-callednadi readers are conversant with intricacies of astrology at all. Iinterviewed with some of them with some astrological talk, while readingthey said they did not know much of astrology and said they were trainedfor 10 to 12 years how to pick up and read the leaves. Even if youcannot answer some of his questions pertaining to astrological debutsuch as moon position, moon star, lagna position etc, and some timeseven your birth date and month year since you do not know your birthdata and chart, the nadi fellow tells your date of birth, chart, exactnames etc.

So it seems to me that the linking the exact names play avital role and you can easily see the veracity of this since anotherperson with some chart cannot have the same names of theirs and parents. Even in twins with 3 minutes birth difference the names of twins differbut sound similar but with different charts, but same names of parents.

They get satisfied with the approximate names also after somescanning. But still the whole chart is not known at this stage, theseindex leaves have got some linking charts to be picked up. Then theybring the leaf if available and give the whole chart exact date ofbirth, names, past events, future etc as a general Kandam and you willbe impressed. This is their training process and they generally do notagree for reading without thumbprint even if you want to give chart.

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They never give the degree portion of planets and lagna in the chart. Soobviously other Vargas charts the nearest one which matches your pastevents since it is not possible to have records of all charts. On 31st May age 55 in Salem I tried to jot down points as theNadi reader was reading leaf after leaf from the index bundles and henoticed and objected to the same. Born Wednesday,lagna ubhaya lagna, father temple constructed, mother name starting with"pa.

In 5th bundle of index leaves in about 15th leafall the details about names, profession, lagna, rasi matched, the nadireader told me when the thumb impressed would be connected to 5 to 12bundles of General Kandam each bundle roughly containing about 50leaves, any one of bundle and any one of leaf would be connected to you. In fact the nadi reader got fed up reading so many leaves and after 3bundles he refused to continue even, but upon my request he finally gotit in 5th bundle ie. After reading about leaves an enormousstrenuous job for both of us!

Recently I had a funny experience while reading the index cards for myfriend the nadi astrologer asked whether moon is in cancer in Asleshaand also asked about the approximate names of parents. We said theparents' names are correct, but the star is wrong. Then after someleaves, he again said the same parents names but with Pushyami star,which we again denied. After some more leaves, he again said same namesbut with Punarvasu star and we agreed since we knew the star and thechart.

If we do not know the exact moon star what leaf the nadiastrologer decides and he may choose the wrong leaf. If he is notpatient to scan thoroughly to verify other past events and the readingscan be wrong. So it is possible, that somebody might have been born withsimilar parents named but with different moon stars, such as in twins orotherwise also elsewhere in different places. In olden days, the names were given as per the letters sounds mentionedfor moon stars, though nowadays nobody follows those rules to givenames.

As far as I know thereis none. Therefore, it is possible that the nadi astrologers propitiatesome spirit to tell these exact names including exact past events, sincethey are not conversant with astrology thoroughly. Also I found that all the nadi astrologers would nottell exactly the same future and events remedial measures defending uponthe nadi grantha they follow, through they tell the past correctly Ipresume that the same is time when they tell about the past life. So these cannot be relied upon.

You go to the same nadi reader after one year and take the readingsagain from the same nadi grantha, will he give the same readings as hehad given one year back. I have yet to check this, without telling himthat I consulted him a year back. I presume that it would be differentreadings of the nadi reader changer even if the same nadi grantha wereconsulted because I feel the person who reads is also involved in theprocess defending upon his experience. Yes, I feel it would be so, when thereis doubt about the decision for giving prediction, purely from astrologyangle.

That is why, it is said in sastras that the astrologers shouldfollow the ethics and Dharamas to couple real excellent reasons alongwith the analysis following the astrological principles, so that thecorrect predictions would come out. So what is difference between these Nadi Astrologers and the other realgood astrologers?

I feel the former would purely use his training withMantra or spirit without any astrological background. The nadi astrologers suedthe Vakya Siddhanta for casting the horoscopes and some times theposition of planets differ from what we get usually. One Tamil languageexpert told me that it is not possible to read the scripts understand. Some say that astrology is not a pure service. I feel that other sourcesi.

It is true that no exact future can betold in astrology or even in other sciences when the space rockets burstin spite of lot of computer calcultions, experiments. Some Doubts and QuestionsIn view of the above discussions, several doubts and questions whicharise on Nadi Jyotish are consolidated here as far as possible atrandom:-What is the real origin of this Nadi Jyotish? Are they really written by some Sages and only by professionalastrologers?

Are they the records of those born in earlier written on palm leaves inthosetimes? Why a right thumb impression for male and left for female is to betaken? In what language they were written originally? When were they translated into other languages? How many bundles of leaves are available in total?

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  • Is each set of leaves after some name of Nadi Jyotish is different? Is there really anything written on the leaves at all or somethingappear thenand there? Is there any Mantra or some other means used by the Nadi astrologers? Is there any specific science written to get the birth chart and birthdata fromthe thumb impressions? How the exact names can be told? What is the procedure followed by the nadi reader to pick up the indexleavesfrom his library from thumb impression?

    How is it on some leaves only some type of funny pattern of lines waswrittenwithout any normal language form of script? How is it that some type of Tamil script found on the leaves could notbeunderstood? Why do the readers give the future readings from the date ofconsultation onlyat some intervals of age only? Why do they not give the occurrence of past events age wise generally?

    How do they give the names of foreigners also sometimes? Is there any privacy issue? Why do some readers ask y u to come again? Which collections are considered largest and carefully reserved etc? Which nadi readers are held reliable? How the small place in Tamilnadu,Vaitheeswaran koil has got differentreaderseven in small houses offering readers.?

    Are there leaves were distributed amongst members of that family fortheirdifferent businesses charging different fees? What is the material and sole of the leaf and and how they havepreserved solong? Are they rewritten at different intervals of time? How are they trained and how long? How the leaves are with mostly a particular sect of people who are doingbusiness from them? How do they link up the index leaf with the actual leaf of generalKandam andother chapters of?

    How can some readers say that such and such person is going to consulton thatday? Do the readings for the same person from different Nadis match exactly? Do the readings for the same person from the same nadi reader from thesame nadi taken at different interval of time say a year later matchexactly? Are you really to be destined to consult Nadi?

    How many consult Nadi? Are the past readings given always perfectly correct?

    Is Nadi Astrology Accurate?

    How far the future reading goes perfectly right upto what time to nearbyfuture or to long future also? Do the reader himself involved in giving correct readings, includes histrainingand experience? Why do they prescribe the alms to be given to the nadi reader and is itreallywritten on the leaves? Are they actually reading what was written on the leaves?

    Why are some of them in some form of trance with half closed eyes as ifthey arenot reading it from the leaves at all? Why don't nadi readers give your leaf to you, if it really belongs to yu? Can you read what is written there? Will they show it you? How many readings are there on each leaf? How many index bundles are normally to be scanned to arrive at yourdata? How many leaves are there in each bundle? Do they read without thumb impression, if the chart is given? Are the previous life readings given in different Nadis for the samepersonwould be the same?

    Is there any luck in the leaves from the previous life to the presentlife tothe future life? How far the remedial measures given work? Why do every nadi reader prescribe shanti definitely for every personwheneverconsulted? Why do the chart given by them differ from the one prepared by you incomputers? Is their ephemeris from Vakya Siddhanta as told different from othersand howfar is it correct? Why do they tell the firth date, month and year in Tamil calendar andthencorrelate it Christian calendar, is it because the records were in Tamil?

    If the records were in Sanskrit or Telugu language, how are the birthdata found in which calendar? Are they following only the transits of major planets of Jupiter Saturnetc? Why do they give readings of future events only age wise, not at aparticularcalendar date, month and year? Do they know astrology at all? Do they tell the exact names of twins , if the thumbprints are given? Do they give the readings without the presence of the person consultingand with the date presented by some person? Do they give the reading by post if the required data is given and feessent?

    How far they take the responsibility if the future readings given bythem do notcome true and what excuse do they give in such cases? Is whole thing a foax only? Is there cheating by them? Are there any real astrological principles involved in those Nadis? Why do they charge exorbitantly which many poor people cannot afford?

    Do poor people are distend to consult them? Is it worth spending lot of money in finding out the tricks of this nadiastrology? Is it possible to do any research at all in this filed?

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    Are there any Nadis with some Swamijis or in some Ashram or with someotherpersons who are not using it for professional commercial purposes andgivereadings when consulted? Are there any Nadis published fully, if so in what language? Why do some astrologers, who have got nadi Grantha not publish itcompletely in a book form? Are there other aspects natural calamities, political set ups wars,countriesetc written also nadi granthas other than about persons and if so whydon't they publish it before hand?

    Is there any law, which is given in the Nadis to extend it other personsandother regions? How can a few bundles of leaves ,however large they re cover all lifepatternsof all persons? What the addresses of all the nadi readers? Are there any persons who are really doing any genuine serious researchto find out the secrets of the nadi Jyotish if so what are theiraddresses and what are their findings so far, have they published theirresearch anywhere?

    Are there any persons who are exchanging their experience and researchwith each in this field and if so what are their addresses? Are there any persons who had consulted all Nadis about thempersonalities and published their readings comparing and verifying theresults if so what aretheir addresses? Is there any danger or calamity or curse or those who possess these nadigranthas and to their families when they practice it?

    How did Sage Satyacharya, supposed to be inventor of nadi amshas of write the general life patterns for each nadi amsha and to whatpercentage they match with a person's life pattern, if the person birthamsha falls in one of the nadi amshas or is it that the person shouldselect the nearest nadi amsha pattern which matches with most of hislife events and if it is to be chosen for a newly born baby who has notmuch specific events to check then how to fix up the nadi amsha?

    Which are the mantra Nadis , the tantra Nadis, prasna Nadis etc and whatare the differences and how do they operate? Where are we now in our research on nadi Jyotish in finding out thesecrets,when they have existing from so many years? Are there any specific astrological principles used in nadi Jyotishliteratureother than normal principles enunciated in standard ancient text booksby sageParasara, Jaimini,Varahamihira, Mantreswara, Vidyanatha, Kalidasa,Venkatesdaivagna, Bhaskara Jyotish, Bhruhatjataka, Phaladeepika ,Jatakaparijata, Uttara Kalamithra, Sarvartha Chinthamani, Bhavadeepika,Sanketanidhi, Saravali etc?

    Do the nadi readers allow to record all the questions they ask as theyproceedwith the index leaves and is there any person who got such recorded datain his personal case and if what is his address? How can the Nadi Reader tell that your parents are alive when y youconsult him when they are alive and tell that they are dead when youconsult him after their death and can such a thing can be told fromapplying normal astrological principles?

    Similarly how can h e tell the exact number of brothers and sisters andat ageyou were married etc and can these can be told so precisely from anynormalastrological rules? Will all the Nadis give the e life span for a person or different lifespans,when the names and chart and other past details match exactly in allNadis? Why some Nadis mention certain age as "Gandam" danger to life and ifit issurpassed the person would live upto certain other age?

    Has anybody found any clues to give exact predictions from the textbooksavailable in the market on nadi Jyotish presently such as "Bhrugu NandiNadi" by Shri R. Santhanam commentary on "Saptarishi Nadi" by Shri J. Bhasin,"Transits of planets on they birth chart" lesson of nadi are the essenceof astrology" by Shri R.

    Rao, "Kashyapa Hora - essesnce of nadiastrology" by Shri R. Raghuraman, "Your Destiny in thumb" by Shri R. Has anybody able to correlate the standard astrological principles withthe nadiastrology predictions authentically? Can exact birth time be told by Nadi Readers? Whether the Nadi reader and the translator add anything on their ownwhilereading and explaining? What is the technique used by Nadi Readers to pick up the Index leavesbundles from the thumb print and subsequent Kandam leaves?

    What are the scripts written on the leaves? Whether the Nadi Readers reads the same thing on the leaf?

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    Whether there is any script at all in the leaves? Can we record what all he reads and questions leaf after leaf till hearrives atour data in the index leaves? Whether he writes the same thing in the notebook, records in theaudiotape and translates? Do the leaves contain some old records of life histories of personswritten inolden days for certain planetary configurations for research for futurecyclesand if so how to modify the results for the present consultant's chartwhich and could be only a nearby chart since it takes very long time toget to the same planetary configuration again?

    Can we get our leaf from the Nadi readers and even if so will it be ofany use? Whether the same nadi reader from same nadi grantha gives same resultswhenconsulted at different time intervals, say one year? Why the nadi readers gives results age-wise only for events, notparticulardates? Would they use mostly the transits of major planets on the natal chartto tellevents? Would different readers of same nadi give different results? Would different Nadis give different results? Why not collect as much data as possible from persons who consulted nadialong with their experiences about the veracity of the futurepredictions?

    Is it possible to find how the past life data is given by nadi readersand checkthe same? Is there any way to arrive at nadi astrologers principles in correlationwiththe normal standard astrology , as given in the palm leaves by the nadireadersor is the whole thing a process of hoax using some Upasana of spirits orMantraby the nadi readers? What percentage of correct results would come from nadi readers comparedto the readings from well-experienced sincere normal astrologers?

    Can one find out how the general life pattern is given for each nadiamsha? Whether anybody consulted the same nadi at same place or at differentplaces at same time read by different nadi readers and what are theresults? Whether anybody consulted the same nadi at same place read by the sameperson at different times say a year later and what are the results andare they same particularly with respect to the future events?

    Whether anybody got future results every year or only at intervals of 2to 3years or at some random future ages? Whether anybody got the same life span age mentioned in differentnadis? Whether anybody got the future result about the birth of a child male orfemalespecifically? Whether any astrologer could succeed so far in analyzing the resultsgiven bynadi as per the known astrological rules? How many are visiting the nadis and getting results also not findingtheir nadileaves.

    What would be the percentage of people consulting nasi? Whether anybody recorded the various questions asked by the nadi readerleafafter leaf in the index bundles till he hits the correct one with exactnames number of brothers and sisters etc? ConclusionI have discussed many important points on nadi Jyotish as far aspossible due to restriction of space from my experience. Since this research would be verylong time process involving lot of expenses, it will not be possible forany single individual to carryout this research.

    I also request the rich individuals,trusts, government, private agencies, Swamis, Ashrams help financiallyfor this research. I pray God also to help all these astrology researchaspirants to unveil the secrets of this ancient Nadi Jyotish upliftingthe Vedic astrologyfor the benefit of world community. I also give my blessings to allthose sincere young astrologers with their advanced computer astrologysoftware to succeed in their research efforts.

    Sri Rayudu ji, How can we know who is most authentic in vaitheeswarankoil? Or, pls give the name and adress of the man to whom you visited? I'll be very thankful to you if you send this to my email,. Thanking u very much,Jayan, kerala. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts.

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