21 december capricorn horoscope

Capricorn: Your daily horoscope - October 09

These natives seem, as a rule, very much happier than those who are born in the sign Capricorn. The genial Jupiter outwits for a few days the sombre Saturn, and the warmth of Sagittarius acts like a charm upon this last Earth sign.

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The inordinate social and intellectual ambition of Capricorn is modified by the more ethereal and democratic attributes of its neighbor. These cuspers are among the great thinkers and workers of the world. They are inspired teachers of the young and much fonder of children than the average Capricorner, who expects little folks to be constantly on their good behavior. This is a good point for the successful training of musical talent, as the musical atmosphere is ever present. It is made by the response of earth to fire and the companionable influence of Jupiter. These are the things I've learned to be true:.

I'm able to dream big, and then plan and sweat until that dream comes true.

Stay in touch.

I love starting new projects, and I get really giddy about new adventures. Thanks, Sag!

Horoscope for Today: Wednesday, 9 October

The strengths of this sign combination are friendliness, humor and loyalty. This means I am usually pretty content to spend the evening reading a book or watching "Project Runway.

It takes a lot of focus to maintain relationships, but it is doable. It is said this cusp sign doesn't fall in love easily. However, when I find those special someones, I am faithful to the end.